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About Jacob

Jacob Lucas is Professional Dating Coach who is from the UK and has a popular social media presence of over 600,000 followers learning his tips and advice on dating. Jacob favours a more psychological, analytical approach to dating and has great success in educating many people on how to be successful in their dating lives. Jacob has a firm understanding of social dynamics and the psychology of attraction. His methods of teaching are very effective as his knowledge of human behaviour can be applied to most social situations and he makes it very easy for anybody to understand and learn how to be happy and successful in their love life.

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Jacob has always had a fascination with social dynamics and the psychology of attraction and in a short time grow very popular for his methodologies of how to become successful in dating. Jacob has had multiple viral videos, with millions of views of his teachings circulating the internet and has been featured in news articles, live TV appearances and world famous podcasts.

Jacob’s mantra to finding happiness and success in your dating life is, ‘Education is the key to your happiness’ Jacob finds great joy in helping people become more confident and happy and believes love is one of the greatest joys that everyone should have in their lives.


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