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Jacob Lucas

Professional Dating coach
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Are you looking for help and advice with your dating life? Do you feel anxious about dating, or not sure how to be successful in your love life?

Jacob Lucas is a world renowned Professional Dating Coach who will help you achieve happiness and success in your dating life. Dating can be a confusing and frustrating world if you haven’t had the right guidance in how to be successful at dating. Jacob will give you the advice and clarity that you have been looking for so you can start dating with excitement and confidence.



Jacob offers a wide range of services to help you become successful and happy in your love life.


His services include 1-1 Dating and Relationship coaching, video answers, Couples Therapy and retainer services.

helpful advice

Jacob's methods of teaching are
very effective as his knowledge of human behaviour can be applied
to your dating and relationship life giving you clarity on how to be happy and successful in your love life. Jacob will make you feel relaxed, listened to and more confident moving forward in your love life.

expert dating coach

Jacob has 10 years of education in social dynamics and the psychology of relationships and attraction and in a short time grew very popular for his methodologies of how to become successful in love. Featuring on Live TV, world famous podcasts and giving advice to millions of people on social media.

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over 600,000 followers

Jacob has amassed over 600,000 followers on TikTok and Instagram with his helpful tips and advice. Jacob has multiple viral videos helping millions of people and has now become one of the leading figures in dating and relationship coaching for millions across the world.

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